Republican voters camped outside one of Colorado’s premiere sports and entertainment venues to find the best seat at the president’s latest gathering.

Several people could be seen camping in freezing temperatures the night before the Keep America Great rally at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, 76 miles south of Denver.

Fox21News reported hundreds of rallygoers started lining up outside the arena more than 24 hours before President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak as part of his 2020 re-election campaign. Tickets were issued for free to those who registered beforehand on a first come, first served basis.

The broadcaster showed dozens of people wearing thick winter clothes gathering near makeshift shelter they had set up like marquees and tents to help defend them from the icy elements. Others brought the flag, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and their own portable heating appliances.

“I am so excited and think I am about to lose control and I think I like it,” one smiling woman could be heard saying with a chuckle.

Another woman admitted it would have been more pleasant to camp in the summertime.

“I wish it would have been in July,” she told the broadcaster. “We would have been in our long chairs and our bikinis but no we are in our snow gear because it is all good because it is well worth it.”

She tried to decorate her tent by attaching a variety of flags carrying the president’s election campaign messages.

“We have got all of these Trump flags, I bought this red tent just for Trump,” she said. “I got my red chairs just for Trump.”

The president started the rally with a special tribute to World War II veteran Irvin Julian who two volunteers had carry into the rally. A video of the heartwarming act has since gone viral on social media.

“I do not know if he knows it, he is right now the hottest celebrity in the world,” the president said of Julian according to Fox News. “Maybe even hotter than Trump.”

A variety of road closures had to be made to allow the president’s entourage to slowly make its way through the city to the arena. Closures could not be announced beforehand due to security reasons, causing extensive traffic delays in the afternoon and into the early evening.

Harrison District 2 and James Irwin Charter schools dismissed their students early due to the widely anticipated road closures and congestion.