A former football player, who is running for public office, accused leftists of fearing the president’s efforts to stop the United States from becoming a socialist democracy on Dec. 14.

Super Bowl alumnus Burgess Owens revealed in a broadcast interview with “Breitbart News Saturday” that left leaning Democrats pushing for Donald Trump’s impeachment are simply acting out of fear and desperation.

“They are afraid of him because he is pulling them back from their goal of transforming our country to a socialist democracy country and he is doing it in a rapid fashion, faster than anyone has ever done it before,” said Owens who is standing for election as a Republican in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. “They cannot stand the fact he is pulling them away from the power that they thought they would have after the Obama days, so they fear President Trump.”

He believes the Democrats know they are unlikely to beat Trump at the 2020 general election and their only real chance of defeating him is to continue impeaching.

“They understand he [the president] is a man who does not care about what they think, he does not need their money, he does not need their power,” Owens said. “He loves our country and, when I say he loves our country, he loves all Americans so the policies that are in place are for all Americans no matter what color or faith we are, it gives us opportunities to move forward.”

He believes more voters are “waking up” and realizing Trump is one of the first presidents to put the United States before globalism.

“He is the first president who actually drew a line in the sand and said, ‘You’re not going to disrespect my flag. You’re not going to disrespect our country. Americans come first, not the other guys the globalists out there,’” Owens said. “I love it because Americans now understand to truly love our country.”

Owens warned leftist Democrats would only “use, abuse, and discard” their supporters because they actually “hate” them.

“They would do anything to destroy any of us to make sure they can take down anyone, particularly with power,” he said. “We cannot allow our country to go [down] that route, we see it around the world, and we cannot have that happen in our country, the great country of America.”

The candidate is making his election policy focus on upholding the basic principles of “head, heart, hands, and home.”

“If those who support me I will make sure those values that we have here go to D.C. and stopping their [leftist] values, D.C. values, from going to the rest of the country,” he said. “We’re going to stop that, and we’re going to stand for our country, our God, and our families.”

Owens also believes the United States can continue to be great through renewed national pride.

“The key to our society, our greatness, is understanding our history and being proud of who we are and our vision,” he said. “It does not matter what side of the aisle–Republican, Democrat, or Independents–as long as we love our country, we can finally have those conversations.”