A migrant health professional who once slept on the streets will try to oust California’s incumbent governor at the next general election on Nov. 3.

San Diego physician James Veltmeyer is standing for election as a Republican in California’s 52nd congressional district because he wants to stop U.S. citizens from being denied primary health care.

Veltmeyer, who illegally migrated to the United States when he was a teenager, decided to run for public office after incumbent California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) endorsed legislation that provides taxpayer funded health for immigrants while U.S. veterans continue to be turned away because they cannot afford medical treatment.

“The kick off for me was when he signed legislation for the healthcare for immigrants,” the candidate told “Fox & Friends.” “Our own citizens, our own veterans are being turned back onto the streets and cannot receive healthcare and now [foreign] killers can receive health care under this governor’s legislation.”

He questioned whether any of Newsom’s policies had actually benefitted the community.

“If you look at the policy he has produced is it helping our community? Is it for the good of our family?” Veltmeyer said. “Actually not. What is he doing for us?”

In the 2019 financial year the number of homeless people seeking assistance from the Government of San Francisco jumped 30 percent to 17,595 according to Fox and Friends. Previous point-in-time census data showed there were just 8011 homeless people.

The candidate used the figures to highlight his view that Newsom had a “terrible” record in public office.

“He has produced terrible policies and damaging revelations that are hurting our own Californian people,” Veltmeyer said.

He promised he would devote his leadership to helping more people live the “American dream.”

“I came here illegally at the age of 11 and having grown up in extreme poverty and being homeless to now being one of San Diego’s most prominent physicians,” he said. “That is the American dream that is the Californian dream and that is what our governor here in California, Gov. Newsom and his left-wingers in the legislature are progressively destroying.”

Newsom criticized Veltmeyer and other supporters of the president and his policies for being “dangerous” and against the wishes of voters. The governor did not state exactly what was dangerous about them or contrary to voter demands.

“A handful of partisan activists supporting President Trump and his dangerous agenda to divide America are trying to overturn the definitive will of California voters,” the governor said in a statement obtained by “Fox & Friends.” “The last thing California needs is another wasteful special election supported by those who demonize California’s people and attack California’s values.”