More than a hundred legislators requested in writing of Vice President Mike Pence, 10 days to thoroughly investigate the accumulated evidence of fraud, so it is necessary that he postpone the counting of electoral votes. 

Only at the end of that period, which would begin on Jan. 6, could it be fairly determined for Americans whether the results sent by each of the 50 states are certified, according to Just the News of Jan. 5.

“We intend on fulfilling our oaths of office by properly investigating and determining whether the election should be certified, or decertified, by our respective state legislatures,” stated one of the letters sent by 88 legislators. 

One group of Congress members preferred to unify their petition through the Got Freedom group, while others sent their petitions to Pence in other ways. 

Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-Wis.) cited at least three massive illegalities filed in Wisconsin, including changes made by state officials who did not pass through the Legislature, and recognized as wrong by the state Supreme Court. 

Some 200,000 votes should be eliminated for taking advantage of these illegal changes. 

Another 200,000 votes were modified and corrected in an irregular manner with the permission of state officials. 

Correcting these votes alone surpasses by a factor of 20 the alleged 20,000-vote advantage with which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was credited. 

“The U.S. Constitution gives us authority to determine how elections are run,” Sanfelippo said, according to Just the News. 

He added, “All of that assumes the law is going to be followed by those who implement it. And now that we know the law wasn’t followed in this election, so as state legislators is it up to us to determine did that have any effect on the outcome, to hold those people who didn’t follow the law accountable and to make sure in the future those laws are followed.” 

Former state Attorney General Phill Kline, who works with Got Freedom and is a strong advocate for the integrity of the election process, said of the scope of the request, “These elected officials are not asking Mike Pence to overturn the election results, and they’re certainly not trying to subvert our democracy,” 

And he added, “Rather, they’re simply requesting that they be allowed to perform the role required of them by the Constitution—an opportunity that in some cases has been actively denied by their own governors.”