Despite constant negative propaganda against Trump and the rush to name Biden “president-elect,” a recent Politico poll found that nearly 80% of Trump voters think the presidential election was stolen through illegal voting and fraud.

The poll was conducted online with 1,500 voters from Nov. 10 to Nov.19 and also revealed that 83% of Trump voters consider the media to have played a negative role and consider them “enemies of the people” a term adopted by President Trump early in his term because of the negative coverage they gave him even when the news was positive for the country.

Considering that President Trump officially obtained 74 million votes (the real number will be known when all litigation against election irregularities and fraud is over), that 79% consider the election to have been fraudulent, it shows a serious distrust of the process on the part of Americans.

The most striking thing is that the survey reflects that Americans have overcome the influence of “fake news” and have sought to inform themselves outside of the mainstream media including CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and  CBS.

When these media and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and many influential left-wing personalities have consistently declared Biden the winner of the election, despite the fact that President Trump currently has the most official electoral votes, the survey results show that its reach and influence has diminished.

Even Fox News, considered the last conservative bastion in the media, has launched attacks on President Trump by dismissing his legal efforts to have all legal votes counted and illegal votes eliminated.

And in fact, Fox News ratings dropped dramatically after the election when it lost 12 million viewers in one week and the network’s poor decisions to, for example, award the state of Arizona to Biden when they were still counting the votes, have had their consequence, and now Fox News rates third in ratings.

President Trump used his Twitter account to criticize the network.


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