National Border Patrol Council Chairman Brandon Judd claimed Sunday that transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is “absolutely legal” for the federal government.

Judd argued during a “Fox & Friends” segment that President Donald Trump’s proposed planto do just that was “brilliant” and should have been cheered by people on both sides.

“It’s absolutely legal,” Judd explained. “But I’m going to get beaten up by the hard left for this comment. But this is actually a brilliant move on the president’s part.”

Judd went on to detail the “two layers” he saw at work in the proposed plan.

“If he’s doing it for humanitarian purposes, he should be praised,” Judd began. “These are cities that the city councils have consciously made a decision they’re going to accept the illegal aliens into their cities to protect them.”

But then Judd addressed the flip side, saying, “If he’s doing it for political reasons, this is brilliant. These people have to be released for one reason or another. And if we’re going to have to release them, why not show the sanctuary cities the same pressure that other cities are feeling.”

“From those two layers, this is a brilliant move,” Judd concluded.

Reports emerged last week that the White House had proposed transportation to sanctuary cities of detained illegal immigrants once the legal 20-day detention period had expired, but that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had rejected the public relations plan.

Following the public reaction to these reports— especially the Democrats’ response that suddenly appeared to oppose an influx of illegal immigrants into the cities they claimed to be welcoming to all — Trump doubled the idea, saying that his administration is now considering the option seriously.

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