Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has admitted his defeat at the latest Democratic debate performance, but he also suggested none of his fellow debaters won.

Speaking to supporters at an event in Salt Lake City on Thursday morning, Feb. 20, Bloomberg, who was in the Democrat debate, said the “real winner” of the debate on Wednesday night was President Donald Trump.

“Look, the real winner in the debate last night was Donald Trump because I worry that we may be on the way to nominating somebody who cannot win in November,” the former New York City mayor said, after asking the crowd how they felt.

“And if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small base—like Senator Sanders—it will be a fatal error,” Bloomberg continued.

“We need Democrats and independents and Republicans to win. And that was the coalition that propelled Democrats to success in the midterms and it is the coalition that we need to win in November,” he said.

“And that won’t happen with pie in the sky promises and proposals that will bankrupt the country. Voters don’t want empty talk, they want leadership. They don’t want handwaving and finger-pointing, they want commonsense ideas that can become real policy,” Bloomberg continued.

Bloomberg joined the presidential debate in Las Vegas for the first time on Wednesday. His Democratic rivals chose him rather than President Trump as a new target to attack.

President Trump on Thursday quoted Bloomberg’s remarks to declare himself as a winner, writing in a tweet that, “I agree!”

The president also took a victory lap at his campaign rally in Colorado Springs on Thursday night.

“I don’t know if anybody watched last night’s debate. It got very big ratings, and you know what? Mini Mike didn’t do very well last night,” President Trump said after taking the stage.

“I was going to send him a note saying, ‘It’s not easy doing what I do, is it?’” President Trump said, referring to Bloomberg as a billionaire businessman who, like the incumbent president, is seeking to win the White House.

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