Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg once again defended the gag he has imposed on his journalists.

During an interview with CBS journalist Gayle King on Friday, Dec. 6, Bloomberg again defended the orders he gave to the leadership of his media outlet, Bloomberg News, on Nov. 24 not to investigate either him or any other Democratic presidential hopeful.

Journalists on the Democratic billionaire’s payroll were not very happy with these restrictions that clash with the code of ethics of information professionals, the Daily Mail reported.

“None of us like this. This is the opposite of what the profession fights for,” an anonymous Bloomberg News reporter commented.

The billionaire wants all his staff to focus on investigating President Donald Trump exclusively.

Faced with this, the president’s campaign announced on Monday that it will not accredit any Bloomberg News journalist to any campaign event.

“Bloomberg News has declared that they won’t investigate their boss or his Democrat competitors, many of whom are current holders of high office, but will continue critical reporting on President Trump,” campaign chief Brad Parscale said, according to the Daily Mail.

“As President Trump’s campaign, we are accustomed to unfair reporting practices, but most news organizations don’t announce their biases so publicly,” Brad Parscale said, according to The Blaze.

The president’s campaign chief added,  “They will determine whether to engage with individual reporters or answer inquiries from Bloomberg News on a case-by-case basis” until the media reverses its policy.

The credibility of Bloomberg media

 As early as 2016, when the billionaire first announced his intention to run for president, University of Missouri journalism professor Kathy Kiely, who had resigned as political director of Bloomberg News, told the Chicago Tribune, “This is my nightmare come true. It’s unfortunate that this is creating a perception that this is how journalism works, that journalists are manipulated by their bosses.”

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