Last week in Atlanta a very inspiring event took place that was sponsored by a group called Black Voices for Trump.

Hundreds of people attended the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, wearing Trump 2020 T-shirts and MAGA caps.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were there, according to Fox News.

The Black Voices for Trump coalition is designed to activate and engage black Republican voters in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

At the event, President Trump spoke about his administration’s accomplishments for African Americans, including low unemployment and the passage of the First Step Act to address criminal justice reform.

He also cited his administration’s record on the creation of economic “opportunity zones,” the low national black unemployment rate, and the pro-life stance of his administration.

“With your help, we’re going to travel all across the country to every community, urban, rural, suburban, and we’re going to campaign for every last African-American vote in 2020,” President Trump told the predominantly black audience.

“We’ve done more for African Americans in three years than the broken Washington establishment has done in more than 30 years,” he continued.

“Last month, the African American unemployment rate reached the lowest level ever recorded in the history of our country,” the president said.

President Trump has also made recent proposals to African American voters with a visit to a university in South Carolina—historically with a majority of students of color—and a summit for young black conservatives at the White House.

After the convention, President Trump greeted the attendees and signed caps.

African American Voices

Alveda King, Georgia state representative and niece of Martin Luther King, attended the event, as did local politician Katrin Pierson.

Kentucky’s elected attorney general, Daniel Cameron, the state’s first African American elected to the post, also gave a short speech.

Jamaal Reynolds, 26, drove from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to see President Trump in person for the third time. He hastened to denounce those who called the president a racist and said his friends and family, mostly Democrats, call him “crazy.”

He explained, “I was born and raised in the neighborhood, in the projects. The Democrats were running the area and they forgot about it all the time,” according to The Guardian.

Columnist Herman Cain wrote for the Western Journal that he was at the event and the energy was incredible. He also noted the lack of media coverage.

You’ve got a group of happy, optimistic African-Americans gathering for a positive reason. Isn’t that the sort of story you’d think the media would champion? Then again — is it?

In reality, the left-wing media prefers to present black people as victims — as part of a perpetual grievance group that’s always being discriminated against and held down.

The last thing they want is to highlight black people who aren’t complaining about life in America because we understand the concepts of hard work and opportunity, and appreciate a president who’s helping to open up more of it for us.

I’ve understood this my entire life. I faced discrimination when I was working my way up the corporate ranks. But I never used it as an excuse.

Everyone has to overcome some obstacle on the way to success, and I believed I was better off staying optimistic and focusing on what I had to do to succeed, rather than complaining about whatever might not be working in my favor.

That was the mindset of the people I had the pleasure of joining at Black Voices for Trump. It’s a shame the event didn’t get more coverage because everyone can learn a lot from thinking like that, concluded the author.

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