Anti-police protester violence has reached greater epidemic levels than the deadly disease itself, a religious leader warned.

Earl Walker Jackson Sr. declared Black Lives Matter as a “cultural, spiritual, and psychological” virus with far worse consequences than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

“Black Lives Matter is worse than COVID (CCP Virus),” the ordained bishop said on his “The Awakening” podcast show. “COVID is a medical problem and a disease problem that is going to run its course [but] I think Black Lives Matter could so infect the culture of our country, and so divide us racially that it could take a generation for us to undo the damage.”

Jackson wants to know exactly how the movement’s co-founder amassed more than $1 million of personal wealth, especially since she began calling herself a “trained Marxist.”

“All of this money that Patrisse Cullors came on, how much of that money is funnelled into her coffers through communist China?” he said. “Is she really a ‘bought and paid for’ operative of the communist Chinese?”

The bishop also wants to know exactly who trained Cullors and anyone that helped establish Black Lives Matter, because potential CCP collusion could present serious security risks.

“Trained by whom, who trained them, [and] where did the money come to train them?” he said. “I think folks, these are serious questions that have got to be asked in the interest of American national security.”

Jackson believes Cullors’s open admission that she follows the political ideology of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels should already be enough to warrant investigation from the National Security Agency, CIA, and FBI.

“Anybody who proclaims themselves Marxists or communists are a threat to our national security because it raises the question whether they have a greater felty or loyalty to what is now the head of the communist movement in the world, which is China,” he said. “They have a greater loyalty to them than they do to America and, therefore, they become a national security threat–I am very serious about that.”

He also believes local law enforcement officers should take steps to stop activists from encouraging “dishonor and disrespect” towards the police.

“It is undermining any sense of trust in our police officers and them doing their jobs,” he said. “They are leaving police departments in droves, and they are having a very difficult time finding replacements.”

“New York [Police Department] is in a crisis over this, I think they have a 75 percent increase in the number of police offers who resigned or retired last year. This is happening all over the country [and] there is a spike in crime,” he added.

He suggested a quick and effective solution is to detain and penalize extreme anarchist protesters.

“We have got a virus that is going throughout the land that is cultural and spiritual and psychological that—in my view—will in the long-term do much more damage than COVID if we do not get it under control [and] if we do not arrest it,” he said. “It will do immense damage to our country [and,] frankly, it already is doing immense damage to our country because it is undermining our sense of confidence in one another, it is undermining any sense of national unity.”

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