Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), was forceful in his criticism of the stimulus plan presented by President Biden, during an interview on Thursday, Feb. 4, saying that the plan is part of a “liberal agenda” that the Democrats plan to push through Congress.

Donalds was interviewed on Thursday on Fox News’s “America Reports,” where he spared no criticism and accusations against the Democrats behind the controversial $1.9 trillion stimulus plan introduced by Biden and about to be approved in Congress. 

Donalds said that the proposed legislation will increase the federal budget deficit, creating “devastating impacts” on national security, the economy, and the middle class. 

Among the accusations raised by Donalds, he argues that $1 trillion allocated in the 2020 relief package is still available, so it would be wasteful to enable $1.9 trillion more, which could end up being spent on anything not directly related to the impact of the CCP Virus.

“There’s a trillion dollars that was appropriated last year, during the 116th Congress, that has yet to be spent on anything that was appropriated for dealing with COVID-19 [CCP Virus]. So, if we’re going to do anything up here on Capitol Hill, it’s making sure that $1 trillion is actually spent to buy more vaccines, to manufacture more vaccines, and to help small businesses, and to reopen our schools,” Donalds said.

Donalds called on his congressional colleagues to “get serious” about this issue and put the brakes on the Democrats’ irresponsible impulses when they seek to implement these types of liberal policies that may solve small problems in the immediate term but bring great inconvenience and financial destabilization in the medium term.

“By them going for this two trillion dollar package, what we’re going to see are larger deficits, more debt for our nation, which does bring national security interests into play,” Donalds said. 

During the interview, the Donalds also took aim at President Biden whom he accused of not fulfilling in practice his unity speech, given that “the only thing he has really done since he took office is sign executive order after executive order, and he is not consulting Congress on almost anything.”

Criticism of Biden’s stimulus plan is raining down from all angles. Recently, the University of Pennsylvania released a new study that states that if the plan is implemented, it will cause a drop in GDP of at least 0.3%. 

According to the results of the study conducted by nonpartisan professionals, Biden’s proposal could “artificially” increase GDP by 0.6% during 2021 by injecting an exorbitant amount of money. However, the public debt generated will inevitably cause a subsequent retraction of the economy, which could drag on for years to come.

In line with the recent release, in late January a bipartisan group of senators came out with blunt criticism of the Biden administration’s proposal regarding the stimulus plan aimed at addressing the pandemic, suggesting the White House is providing too much money “to high-income Americans.”

The bipartisan group of senators, led by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), criticized the measures not only for the exaggerated amounts, but rather for the misallocation of that money, since it involves enormous federal spending that may be totally wasted if the funds do not reach the hands that truly need it.

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