Former National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe expressed concern about President Joe Biden’s actions toward the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Iran because they are not backed by U.S. intelligence services.

“It’s easy to get caught up in partisan politics and having said that, you know, I’m concerned. Because the president himself, President Biden, has taken some positions early on, with respect to, particularly with respect to both China and Iran, that, frankly, setting all politics aside are not supported by our current intelligence,” Ratcliffe said according to The Daily Wire on Feb. 22. 

Ratcliffe takes into consideration that these two regimes have posed a significant threat to the United States and that the situation can’t have changed too much to ignore that background, “so I am concerned” he reiterated.

According to Ratcliffe, the level of threat the CCP poses to the United States is far greater than that posed by Russia. 

Meanwhile, Fox News host Bill Hemmer, to whom Ratcliffe made these statements, asked him for his opinion regarding the comments made after Biden had a nearly two-hour conversation with CCP leader Xi Jinping.

In particular Hemmer referred to Xi’s attitude toward Biden having been aggressive, so he asked him, “Does this make any sense to you?”

Ratcliffe asserted, mentioning that both the CCP and the Iranian regime shared a preference for Biden to be elected as president, and that they were now testing the potential weaknesses of this administration.  

“And I think what you’re seeing in both cases, to some extent, they’re now testing this administration. And they’re looking to see weaknesses,” Ratcliffe responded.

He pointed to aggressive action by the CCP as part of that strategy, referring to bombers flying over Taiwan and expanding threats in the South China Sea.

Ratcliffe also mentioned the sanctions Xi issued against Trump administration officials, and the crackdown on individuals such as Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, and Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai.

Ratcliffe also commented that former President Donald Trump had put pressure on the CCP as a move to hold it accountable for its actions, and concluded by raising the question whether Biden would be able to put pressure on the Chinese communist regime as well. 

Biden appointed as senior officials in his administration people who have had strong ties to the CCP, and some of his executive orders favor the CCP, such as one granting it privileges in accessing the power grid.  

For observers of the direction Biden is taking in his first weeks in office, this is not the right person to lead the country, relegating him to being just an instrument of a hidden power, as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò states in one of his tweets. 

“Joe Biden does not have his own identity: he is only the expression of a power that does not dare reveal itself for what it truly is and that is hiding itself behind a person who is totally incapable of holding the office of President of the United States.”

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