Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), in a harsh statement against President Joe Biden’s environmental policies, stated that the new energy measures and the Paris agreement, which the United States recently rejoined, imply an implicit collaboration with the violation of human rights in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), apart from attacking the work of millions of American citizens.

Among the flurry of executive orders signed by Biden in his first days in the White House, he pushed through a series of policies aimed at destroying the U.S. energy industry. 

Among the measures announced, he brought the United States back into the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, from which former President Donald Trump had withdrawn due to how detrimental it was for the economy and how beneficial it would be for other powers such as the CCP.

As part of the measures implemented in defense of the Paris Agreement, Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which, during the Trump administration, was scheduled to create thousands of jobs. New leases of state lands for oil exploitation and other measures favoring the industry were also suspended.

The direct objective of these actions is the replacement of fossil energies with so-called clean energies. Incorporating this type of energy implies an exponential increase in dependence on the Chinese Communist Party, given that it is the world’s main producer of this type of energy. 

“Nearly every solar power panel sold in the European Union has its origins in China’s oppressed Xinjiang region,” said Johnson in a NewsMax article.

Human Rights complaints announce that the Xinjiang region is home to thousands upon thousands of Uighurs illegally detained in numerous concentration camps that function as forced labor centers.

Xinjiang is also home to the world’s largest polysilicon production, and according to experts, about 95% of the solar panels on the market contain this material extracted from Xinjiang.

“In their quest to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, European regulators, governments and corporations have chosen to turn a blind eye to one of the most perverse and pervasive human rights abuses in modern human history,” Johnson said. 

According to Johnson’s statements, the Europeans have the lead in terms of green policies, but the United States, thanks to Biden’s leftist ideology, will soon join them and inevitably with it will come an increase in the demand for these products from China and with it will increase even more the exploitation in forced labor centers.

Germany has already gone through this situation and the results were catastrophic

A digital media dedicated to reporting the “energy transition,” Clean Energy Wire, reported that the renewable energy industry in Germany suffered a catastrophic loss of more than 50% in jobs in the last 10 years.

According to the report, “The drop in employment is mainly due to the collapse of the solar power industry in Germany over the last decade, as many companies were forced out of business thanks to cheaper competitors from China grabbing the lion’s share of the market.”

In short, the energy measures promoted by Biden will cause a considerable increase in unemployment by destroying the local energy industry, will generate a greater dependence on oil-producing countries, but above all a strong dependence on the CCP and its products linked to renewable energies, which in turn will cause an increase in the labor exploitation of minorities persecuted by the CCP locked up in forced labor camps.

The Chinese Communist Party, being the only member of the international community that does not have to sign the Paris Agreement, despite being the country that emits the most carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, seems to be the big winner of climate change fanaticism.


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