Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is again placed at the center of criticism for not measuring his words when he speaks. On Monday, Oct. 6, in Miami, he closed his speech by addressing a group of girls hinting that he wished to see them dance again in four years. 

Biden, while visiting the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami on Monday, closed his remarks by joking with the crowd, “The good news is, for me, I’m here. The bad news for you is I’m coming back.”

He then turned to a group of young girls and pointed to them, “And I want to see these beautiful young ladies—I want to see them dancing when they’re four years older too.” As reported by Fox News.

The comment quickly went viral on social networks, accusing the presidential candidate of making “creepy” comments.

The Twitter account @Mythinformed posted several videos captured from the cellphones of those who witnessed Biden’s controversial remarks.

“The bad news is that’ creepy Uncle Joe struck again,” says one of the messages. 

From this approach, you can see the girls that Biden targets when he broadcasts his comment. The message on this tweet reads, “These are the girls Biden wants to see dance in 4 years. Ouch!”  

According to Fox News, when asked for any kind of response or comment from the Biden campaign regarding the statements made by its candidate, they only received a short message in response with a link to Article II of the U.S. Constitution, which states that the president of the nation “shall hold office for a term of four years.” According to the response, what the Democratic candidate meant was that his remarks refer to his taking office for 4 years, not that he wants to see the girls in 4 years when they are older. 

What is clear is that the comment was very strange and inappropriate from any angle you want to analyze it. 

This is not the first time Biden has made controversial comments in recent days. A week ago, as reported by Fox News, a 10-second video went viral in which Biden can be clearly heard in a meeting with others in Tampa, Florida, saying,  “They’re saying, ‘Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.'” 

His sentence once again showed the strong ideological contradiction that has led Biden to be the center of criticism and accusations from different sectors several times. On the one hand, onrepeated occasions he has issued discriminatory and racist phrases of this type, on the other hand he defends leftist organizations like Black Lives Matter that promote racial equality.

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