A majority of U.S. voters are concerned more about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s age than they are with President Donald Trump, according to a new poll, which the Washington Examiner/YouGov releases on Tuesday, Oct. 13, three weeks before the election.

The survey finds that 60% of respondents say that they are “very” or “fairly” concerned about the former vice president’s age, compared to 45% who say the same about the president.

The survey, conducted among nearly 1,200 registered voters along partisan lines, shows that the Democratic voters are more worried about Biden’s age than the Republican voters are about Trump’s age. In detail, 38% of Democrats and 86% of Republicans are concerned that Biden might be too old, while 61% of Democrats and 26% of Republicans say the same about Trump. Among independents, 61% have concerns about Biden’s age to 41% for Trump.

The findings may be unsurprising because Biden is 77 and will turn 78 shortly after the election. Trump is 74 now.

Worryingly, the former vice president has frequently encountered verbal miscues and memory slips during his campaign that raise questions about his mental fitness for the presidency.

In a campaign event on Monday, Oct. 12, Biden said that he was running for the Senate before saying he was actually running for president.

“We have to come together, that’s why I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate,” Biden said at one point.

The Democratic nominee also referred to 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as “the senator who was a Mormon … the governor, OK?” while Romney is a former governor of Massachusetts and currently a senator from Utah.

Regarding President Trump, the Washington Examiner/YouGov poll shows that 40% of Americans think the president looks weaker after his CCP Virus (coronavirus) infection, 24% say he looks energized, and 28% say neither.

In national polls, which are predominately based on Democrat-leaning mainstream media, Biden continues to lead President Trump with double digits.

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