Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has pledged to reverse President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO) on his first day in office if elected, while criticizing the president for his handling of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic.

“Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health. On my first day as President, I will rejoin the @WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage,” Biden wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, July 8.

Biden made his remarks one day after a White House official said that the Trump administration has officially submitted a notification to the United Nations secretary-general to inform of the withdrawal of the United States from the WHO.

The formal notification comes after the Trump administration froze funding for the WHO starting in April to conduct a review of its relationship with the global public health agency, and asked it to reform. President Trump and his allies have accused the WHO of harboring pro-CCP bias, failing to stop early signs of the CCP Virus outbreak, opposing travel bans after the president imposed one on China.

Once the United States leaves the WHO, it will stop paying financial obligations enshrined in a joint resolution passed by Congress back in 1948.

But the withdrawal requires a one-year notice that will to go into effect in July 2021, so the possibility the decision could be reversed now depends on the outcome of November’s election. 

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the CCP Virus has so far infected more than 12 million people globally, with the United States reporting the highest number of cases with more than 3 million.

In a statement sent to ABC News on Wednesday, Biden again criticized the Trump administration’s response to the virus crisis, asserting that President Trump has “waved a white flag” in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

“Today’s awful—and avoidable—news that America surpassed three million COVID-19 [CCP Virus] cases is yet another sad reminder of the cost our country is paying for President Trump’s failure to lead us through this crisis,” Biden wrote.

“While other countries safely reopen their economies and their citizens get back to work, businesses in America are being forced to shut down—again—as Donald Trump’s failures make countless workers and families face an uncertain future,” the former vice president continued.

Biden urged President Trump to take concrete steps to stop the spread of the CCP Virus before he “tee[s] up for yet another round of golf.”

“We need to ramp up testing, get protective equipment to first responders, health care workers, and other essential workers, and we need to finally provide science-based leadership on reopening safely,” Biden wrote.