Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel noted the strong left-wing bias President Joe Biden is evidencing by signing executive orders that work against America’s interests, and said her party will hold him accountable. 

“The Swamp is back running the show, with Biden wasting no time implementing the destructive, job-killing policies Republicans cautioned Americans about on the campaign trail,” McDaniel wrote in the Daily Caller on Feb. 5. 

She also points out that Biden does not act in pursuit of national unity, even though he mentions it, ending the myth of “Joe Biden the moderate.”

With his orders, Biden destroyed much of the oil and gas industry by combining adherence to the Paris Agreement with the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline and the moratorium on the use of federal lands for the energy industry.

These actions shut down the possibility of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and affordable prices for the energy Americans consume. 

Moreover, there was no justification for linking back to the Paris Accords, because the United States is one of the countries with the best carbon emissions regulations.

Biden increased the potential for pollution to countries with few regulations such as India and China, and will enhance the economies of other oil and gas producers, such as Russia and Iran.

The United States loses strategic autonomy by becoming dependent on them for energy supplies. 

To make matters worse, Biden is not pushing to get children back into schools, grants amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens, and sends taxpayer money to fund abortions overseas. 

All of this is why the Republican Party will hold Biden and the Democrats accountable, in defense of American interests.

“Our full-scale rapid response and research operation will expose the Biden White House for their extremism, and we will communicate directly with voters all across the country to make sure they recognize the discrepancies between what Biden and Democrats said they would do versus what they are actually doing,” McDaniel explained.

She also believes that citizens will help her party retake majorities in the Senate and the House, to return with “policies that create jobs, economic growth, and expand opportunity for all,” she said.

McDaniel’s announcements are consistent with what was scheduled in the meeting held by former President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), in which they planned  a winning strategy for the 2022 elections.

About the meeting McCarthy tweeted, “United and ready to win in ’22,” synthesizing the objective of the meeting that took place at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida.

“They worked very well together in the last election and picked up at least 15 seats when most predicted it would be the opposite. They will do so again, and the work has already started,” advanced the Trump-aligned Save America Political Action Committee according to Fox News on Jan. 28.