President Joe Biden has drawn ire from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and other critics after he seemed to joke that he did not want to return to the United States from his tour to Europe.

After experiencing the Cornwall scenery from a deck overlooking St. Ives Bay in England with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, June 10, Biden told reporters that he did not want to go home, Breitbart reported.

“It’s gorgeous. I don’t want to go home,” Biden said.

Biden’s visit to Cornwall on Thursday marks his second day in Europe as he is traveling to the UK, Belgium, and Switzerland for his first overseas trip since he took office.

After Newsmax host Benny Johnson posted Biden’s remarks on Twitter, a lot of people replied to him, including Rep. Boebert.

“Joe, for once you and I are in total agreement. Don’t come home! Enjoy the UK! I really mean it. Have all the fish and chips you want. Follow your heart!” the Colorado Republican lawmaker tweeted.

A commentator joked if Biden should have taken Vice President Kamala Harris with him because she has not been to Europe.

Another commented that what Biden said is “nothing more than being polite.”

However, Lavern Spicer, former Florida Republican congressional candidate, replied with really harsh comments.

“I’ve about had it now. This sick man is in England and has the nerve to say that he doesn’t want to come home to America. What kind of an American is he?” she wrote.

“This is how you promote America on the world stage? I don’t care if it’s a joke or not it is a damned disgrace. STAY THERE!” Spicer added.

Biden met Johnson prior to the G7 summit, which also marked the first time Biden and Johnson have met in person.

According to the Western Journal, during their meeting, the two leaders signed a revitalized New Atlantic Charter that listed the “climate crisis” among the biggest threats to the world in addition to disinformation, election interference, and global health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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