Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden responded that he would rescind the tariffs President Donald Trump imposed on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), should he win the presidential election, in an interview with NPR host Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

But as with other of Biden’s claims, a campaign aide shortly after rectified that he would “would re-evaluate the tariffs upon taking office,” Forbes reported Aug. 6.

“I asked him if he would rescind the China tariffs that Trump has put in place. And he said yes,” Garcia-Navarro confirmed to NPR, also commenting that in her opinion Biden will change what Trump built during his administration.

“And he laid out what I thought was his clearest vision yet for completely overturning President Trump’s agenda,” Garcia-Navarro told host Stacey Vanek Smith.

As is often the case, Biden’s statement and his campaign’s reaction to the presidential candidate’s retraction generated some comment, as did Bloomberg’s lead writer Shawn Donnan.

“FWIW—and this is out there already—Biden’s campaign is pushing back hard against the idea that he said he would lift China tariffs and the full transcript is pretty clear that he doesn’t. … See follow-up below …,” Donnan tweeted.

Also, for Washington Post national policy reporter Michael Scherer, what Biden’s assistant meant was an acknowledgment of the effectiveness of measures taken by Trump in the U.S.’s trade relationship with the CCP.

“Biden aide says this take is wrong. ‘No’ does not refer to tariffs,” Scherer said.

“His position hasn’t changed: he would reassess tariffs upon taking office. He was obviously responding to the notion that Trump’s position is good for countering China’s influence,” the aide concluded in his message.

In the same interview with Garcia-Navarro, Biden also referred to the fact that he would not continue with the construction of the wall.

It is worth noting that under the Obama administration, with Biden as vice president, the construction of a section of the border wall planned under the Bush administration continued.

The CCP is increasingly being revealed as a threat to the United States on different fronts, and tensions are rising as American institutions take increasingly precise measures to control that threat.

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