Joe Biden has surpassed Barrack Obama to become the Democratic presidential candidate that received the highest number of votes ever during a U.S. presidential election.

As of Wednesday evening, Nov. 4, when votes are still being counted, Biden has amassed nearly 72 million popular votes, making history with total votes received by a presidential candidate.

Biden has broken the previous record held by Obama, who received 69.5 million votes in the 2008 election and beat then-Republican candidate John McCain.

As it stands, Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump in terms of popular votes, by 3.4 million.

President Trump also has a chance to beat Obama’s previous record for the popular vote as the incumbent president has received more than 68.5 million votes.

Regarding electoral votes, the former vice president is leading with 264 electoral votes, while President Trump is sitting at 214 votes. The winner will need at least 270 votes.

The election now hinges on some states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Alaska. Biden is leading in Nevada, and a win in this state would be enough for him to reach 270 electoral votes. President Trump is leading in the remaining states.

It may take at least a week to see who wins the election because Nevada and Alaska’s postal vote numbers are expected to be in by Tuesday, Nov. 10, while the results from North Carolina’s mail-in votes by Thursday, Nov. 12.

In the 2016 election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton got the higher number of popular votes, with 65.85 million votes, compared to Donald Trump’s 62.98 million, but she failed to win the electoral college.

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