Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Monday, Oct. 5, said he should not have called President Donald Trump a “clown” in the first presidential debate last week.

During a MSNBC town hall, anchor Lester Holt asked the former vice president whether he regretted telling the sitting president of the United States to “shut up” or calling him a “clown.”

“You called him a clown, a fool. You told him to shut up. I think most people believe that the president was interrupting you, but it seemed to go against some of the language you have said about, you know, not being divisive. Do you regret any part on your part?” Holt asked.

Biden explained that he had gotten frustrated because President Trump didn’t want to provide any substantive answer. 

“And I should have said this is a clownish undertaking instead of calling him a clown,” Biden said. “But the fact is it was—I’ll be very honest with you, I think it was embarrassing for the nation to see the president of the United States hectoring like he did and everything was about a personal attack.”

The debate marked the first time President Trump and Biden came face-to-face during the presidential campaign. The president has faced criticism for interrupting Biden, but political commentators pointed out that it was Biden who interrupted first.

President Trump said he was forced to debate two people during the first debate. He accused Fox News host Chris Wallace of trying to help Biden when it comes to multiple questions related to the former vice president’s son Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings overseas, Biden’s stance on law enforcement, as well as his involvement in the Russia investigation. 

“I’m so disappointed in Fox,” Trump told his supporters at a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota. “I’m not just running against Joe Biden, I’m running against the corrupt far-left media socialists and communists in the Democrat Party.”

Biden and President Trump’s second face-to-face debate is set for Oct. 15 in Miami, according to Reuters.

Biden said Monday that he would be alright with the second debate if experts say it’s safe, reported CNN.

“Listen to the science. If the scientists say that it’s safe and the distances are safe, then I think that’s fine. I’ll do whatever the experts say is appropriate thing to do,” Biden said.

President Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday evening where he had been receiving treatment for the CCP Virus (coronavirus) since Friday, and returned to the White House. The president plans to take part in the Oct. 15 debate, his campaign said.

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