The Biden administration plans to order as many as 56 Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign, representing nearly all past President Trump appointees, with the exception of Special Counsel John Durham, who is heading the probe into the roots of the Trump-Russia investigation, and David Weiss, who is handling the Hunter Biden investigation.

No excuse, other than the fact that they were named by Donald Trump, was given for the systematic replacements. 

But in 2007, when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales reportedly fired a mere eight U.S. attorneys for political reasons, Joe Biden found it to be particularly unethical, so improper, in particular, that he called for Gonzales to resign.

In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace in April 2007, Biden specifically claimed that for political reasons, Gonzales should be pressured to resign for supposedly replacing the U.S. attorneys, stating that Gonzales has been a “creature of the president, not the attorney for the people as well as representing the president.”

Biden said in a statement, that firing U.S. attorneys for “crass political reasons” would “shatter the American people’s faith that their laws will be enforced impartially, and with the integrity we expect from our prosecutors.”

But when former President Bill Clinton summarily fired 93 of the 94 U.S. attorneys when he took office, Biden was much less interested. Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time and did not bother to hold hearings or raise any challenges to the decision of Clinton to pack up the U.S. Office of the Solicitor with his loyalists, also expressly denying the offer of then-Minority Leader Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) to hold hearings on the matter.