As he did as a presidential candidate, now, President Joe Biden, in his first press conference only responded to journalists selected by his advisers, at the White House on Jan. 25.

This raised concerns about his apparent inability to respond to Americans’ questions that deviated from his own agenda and the answers he may have prepared.

The media allowed this time were The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC News, Reuters, and Bloomberg News, according to Fox News on Jan. 25.

Some of the excluded journalists opted to comment from their respective Twitter accounts.

One of them was columnist Joe Concha, who contributes to several media outlets and said that Biden not choosing journalists himself was “odd.”

“Like the campaign, Biden’s staff is choosing which reporters can ask questions instead of the president doing it himself,” Concha wrote.

He added, “This remains profoundly odd and a painfully obvious attempt to shield him from those suspected of having the audacity to ask a challenging question.”

For some this inability of Biden is an expression of his mental deterioration, of which he has shown a great many signs throughout his career.

“Of course, there are many questions he couldn’t answer. He can’t even read from the teleprompter. It’s easy to see they are shielding him from the tough questions,” considered Navy veteran Ed Somppi.

Another Twitter user holds out hope that journalists will take responsibility for their profession and rebel against this artificial and phony way of practicing it.

“This approach surely can’t last. Biden’s team may want it to but you would hope reporters who thought this approach quaint and didn’t complain during the campaign will eventually remember how to do their job and start complaining and rebelling,” wrote user @ColemanPhillipa

This unusual and controversial press conference contrasts sharply with the force, dynamism, and frankness with which former President Donald Trump used to respond to journalists in his press conferences.

In fact, former President Trump questioned the media for asking Democratic presidential candidate Biden easy questions saying, “Take a look at those questions they ask him. They weren’t for an adult. They were meant for a child,” he pointed out to reporters, according to Townhall on Sept. 4, 2020.