President Biden offered to provide $4 billion to Central American countries implicated in drug trafficking, while many Americans continue to wait for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus stimulus check approved in December, giving the impression of confusing priorities.

It was President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico who informed on Jan. 23 of Biden’s offer to Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador in an attempt to avoid the waves of illegal aliens that usually depart from those countries, according to Fox News on Jan. 25.

However, Biden’s policy with respect to illegal immigration does not seem coherent, given that he announced that during his term of office he would not continue with the construction of the border wall with Mexico, which has shown excellent results in controlling the damage caused by the entry of the illegals.

Along with the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, who do not comply with the requirements of U.S. immigration laws, came in murderers such as the M-13 gang, tons of drugs, and human traffickers.

Biden also ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to release all illegal aliens in custody two days ago.

Among the 14,195 detainees are nearly 10,000 convicted felons or those with pending criminal charges.

This brings back the threat of criminals entering the country illegally, who end the lives of Americans, directly or indirectly, after rapes or assaults or from the effects of drugs that they become addicted to.

The Biden administration has still not delivered  many of the $600 checks approved by Congress for citizens affected by the economic losses due to the closures generated by the CCP Virus.

In the process of delivering the checks, after the names of the people are registered in the corresponding lists, it is possible that three to four weeks may pass before they are actually delivered. 

In December, Congress approved a budget of $900 billion to distribute among citizens, however, some criticize the fact that aid is also given to people with incomes over $500,000 a year, who do not need it.

After former President Donald Trump worked so that the value of the check would be $1,200 for each person, the opposition of the Democrats was constant for months, until finally they only allowed $600.