Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden caught the attention of the audience when at the end of his 10-minute speech in Wilmington, Delaware, he selected from a list of journalists to whom he would answer questions.

After reviewing the papers, he went to a particular corner of the room and named one of the journalists, who immediately addressed Biden, giving the impression that he also had a map with the journalists’ location.

“I’ll be happy to answer a few questions now if that’s okay. Let me get my list …” Biden said as he read his papers.

“Here he goes with his list again. He was given the questions and answers in advance,” suggested user @RedPillMaC, who attached the video to one of his tweets.

It is normal that those who attend the press conferences offer the opportunity to respond to the journalists’ concerns at random, to make it more equitable since they cannot do so with all of them, due to time constraints.

In addition, Biden was delayed the beginning of his speech by 90 minutes answered questions for only 10 minutes, explained The Gateway Pundit.

With these performances, Biden continues to make a point to voters who are suspicious of his mental integrity, and to those who assume he takes drugs to meet the demands placed on a presidential candidate.

It seems that a nurse often accompanies him, as the user’s tweet @TexToxic shows.

Another video that has gone viral shows, Biden, waving at an empty field, getting off the plane when he arrives at the Florida state airport on Sept. 15, causing bewilderment among viewers.

However, an AP reporter said that at the back of the field, off-camera, were some firefighters, whom he was presumably waving at. It is not clear if the greeting was returned by those people.

“Omgawd, he’s waving to an empty field,” tweeted the user @KarluskaP.

In his short speech, Biden expressed doubts about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus vaccine that the Trump administration has worked hard to deliver to Americans.

For author and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Biden’s insistence on discrediting the vaccine could cost lives.

“How can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign to convince Americans not to take a VACCINE even though the FDA certifies it is safe and scientists and doctors say it is safe? Are they really willing to sacrifice thousands of Americans for their narrow political interests?” Gingrich tweeted.