The Democratic Party’s strong drift to the radical left is based on the fact that leftist Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT) leads it, according to Sen. John Kennedy, (R-La.). 

For Kennedy, Sanders is “the oracle” that issues the slogans that party members follow, even though the presidential candidate is Joe Biden, Kennedy told America’s “Newsroom” host Sandra Smith, on Oct. 9. 

“Let me tell you what I think is obvious to the American people,” Kennedy said. “Mr. Biden is a tool. Bernie Sanders is the oracle. Mr. Biden is the nominee, but Senator Sanders is  the head of the party,” the senator added. 

Smith oriented the interview to Biden’s evasive response to the action Democrats would take in the face of a possible increase in Supreme Court justices.

In response to Biden’s defiant statement that if Americans wanted to know his answer they would have to vote for him, Kennedy said that this was only a strategy devised between Biden and Sanders. 

According to Kennedy, Sanders would promote an increase in the number of Supreme Court justices, but since that decision is contrary to the wishes of Americans, it would be best to hide it until after the elections, if they are successful on Nov. 3. 

In this case, the press would collaborate with the Democrats by letting this manipulation of the voters go unnoticed.

On the issue, not only has Biden eluded a direct response to this voter concern, but the vice presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), also concealed when confronted by Vice President Mike Pence, during the vice presidential debate, the Daily Caller reported

Kennedy’s calculations coincide with Sanders’s statements during his campaign as a candidate for the presidential nomination in 2019.

“I do not believe in packing the court,” Sanders said during the second of the first two 2020 Democratic presidential debates. “We’ve got a terrible 5-4 majority conservative court right now,” Sanders said on June 27, 2019.

“But I do believe constitutionally we have the power to rotate judges to other courts and that brings in new blood into the Supreme Court and a majority I hope that will understand that a woman has a right to control her own body and that corporations cannot run the United States of America,” he added. 

Sanders’s statements alluded to a pro-abortion stance, one of the main items on his leftist agenda.


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