Father Jerry Pokorsky of Virginia, director of Human Life International, published an essay on Friday, Feb. 26, in which he sharply criticized President Joe Biden’s stance of wanting to appear to be a practicing Catholic, when in truth his political ideology and actions go against the most basic fundamentals of of the Catholic Church. 

Biden’s supporters and he himself consistently claim that he is a devout Catholic. Yet Pokorsky, in the essay in Catholic Culture magazine, warns that he is the “most aggressively anti-Catholic president in history” despite his outward show of piety.

“For most of his political life—from his consistent pro-abortion record to his officiating at a gay wedding in 2016—despite his Catholic affiliation and public pious practices, Joe Biden has magnified and institutionalized countless major violations of the Ten Commandments,” Pokorsky asserted.

The reason for the harsh assessment of Biden’s record is the dichotomy between his outward display of piety on the one hand and his record of supporting evil on the other, Pokorsky notes, adding, “Biden’s habitual and unabashed sinful acts are on full display.”

The contradiction between Biden’s professed religious beliefs and his political actions seems to show that he is only interested in garnering votes from religious and believing sectors by deceiving them with his speech, while pursuing a progressive agenda that aims only to destroy religious traditions and values. 

“The next Republican who tells me I’m not religious, I’m going to shove my rosary down his throat,” those were Biden’s words in 2005, but being a faithful Catholic means much more than carrying a rosary, said Pokorsky.

The policies implemented by Biden in his first few weeks as president, deeply alienate him from religious and Christian values, that is evident.

Biden rescinded the Mexico City Policy a pro-life legislation, which ensured that taxpayer dollars would not go to organizations that perform or refer abortions outside the United States.

Biden has also called on Congress to quickly pass the Equality Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, eliminating biological sex differentiation altogether, bringing about historic and irreversible changes in American and global society, undermining traditions.

In addition, Biden nominated Xavier Becerra to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Becerra “supports legislation that allows partial-birth abortion, forces all health care plans to pay for abortions, forces pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortions, forces the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraceptives and abortifacient drugs, and allows assisted suicide,” Pokorsky stated.

Criticism of Biden’s political use of his supposedly religious beliefs abounds. Recently, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City chastised Biden for calling himself a devout Catholic while his policies are doing everything he can to expand abortion so that ultimately the very taxpayers who are against this crime end up funding it.

Catholics should not be confused by the president’s message—on more than one occasion Biden was seen publicly entering the church to attend Mass. His social media team more than once posted photos of the Democrat sitting in the church, apparently praying.

But the Naumann explained that it is important for people not to be confused by the president’s words and actions which, through the constant bombardment of information in the media, have a long-term impact: People end up concluding that a “Catholic” agrees with abortion and gender ideology.

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