Amid the election crisis with much evidence of voter fraud where Democratic candidate Joe Biden would have benefited, legacy media just announced him as the new president of the United States. However, key states—Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina—still have thousands of votes to be counted.

To be confirmed as an official winner, a candidate must gather at least 270 Electoral College votes. Recently, according to legacy media, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was declared the new president with 290 electoral votes in his favor, compared to 214 accumulated by President Donald Trump.

But the analysis is not so simple. Several of the states that today consider Biden the winner are receiving complaints with clear evidence of different types of electoral fraud. We will have to wait and see how the courts responds to those claims.

At the same time, some key states could still reverse the situation regardless of what happens in the courts. The five states still pending are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has a small lead of no more than 30,000 votes out of a total of more than 6.5 million voters. The winner of this state will have 20 electoral votes.

There are still ballots to be counted in Philadelphia, the state’s largest city, and Allegheny County, which began reporting votes only Friday night. Most of the ballots left in Philadelphia are provisional and military, the Pennsylvania election commissioner said, adding that the final count could take several days.

Georgia, with more than 10.5 million voters and 99 percent of the votes counted, reported that President Trump has a lead of nearly 10,000 votes. The electoral votes at stake are 16.

Arizona, reported 90% of the vote with a partial victory so far of 0.6% in favor of Biden. According to Reuters, there are 40,000 provisional ballots that may not be counted until next Wednesday. The state provides 11 electoral votes.

In Nevada, Biden leads President Trump by 22,600 votes, or 1.8 percentage points with 93% of the votes already counted.

In North Carolina, which totals 15 electoral votes, President Trump leads by 76,500 votes or 1.6 percentage points. State officials have said that the full result will not be known until next week. The Supreme Court enabled the state to receive and count mail ballots as late as November 12. The Trump administration said in advance that such a decision would bring inconvenience and stress.


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