A new executive order signed by President Joe Biden on Sunday, March 7, seeks to increase access to the vote for incarcerated felons. With this new regulation, the Biden administration continues to give rights and advantages to felons and citizens who remain on the fringe of illegal, while most are having their interests affected by policies that undermine security, economic development, and individual liberties.

The new regulation establishes that an attorney general shall establish procedures providing voter information materials associated with voter registration and the election in question. It shall also “facilitate voter registration for all eligible persons in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,” the White House said in an official statement.

The attorney general is also to help former prisoners obtain proper identification to satisfy state voting requirements under the new law.

Biden also asked the U.S. Marshals Service to include in its duties the promotion of voting by mail. 

Getting the vote for recently released felons

Democrats and their globalist allies have a troubling record on voting by inmates. During the last presidential election, allegations abounded regarding the millions spent to get parolees or people recently released from prison to pay off their financial burdens in order to be eligible to vote for Biden.

According to reports, one of the controversial cases was that of multimillionaire Mike Bloomberg who spent more than $16 million to pay fines and fees for almost 32,000 convicted felons in Florida. The objective of the Democrat was that these people, mainly of black and Latino origin, would vote for Biden in the presidential elections of Nov. 3.

“We know that to win Florida we will have to persuade, motivate, and add new votes to Biden’s column,” acknowledges a Bloomberg memo released to justify the leader’s support for the nearly 32,000 convicted felons.

The recent executive order was signed just days after the For the People Act introduced by the Democrats was passed in the House, through which authoritarian precedents were established and paves the way for elections to be completely controlled by the Democrats.

The controversial bill passed the House and now heads to the Senate where Republicans and conservatives will raise objections to it. With the executive order there is speculation that Biden is seeking to focus attention on the issue.

The bill is 791 pages long and contains many troubling issues, but the bottom line is that the Democrats are seeking to pave the way for anyone under their command to win presidential elections in the United States.

Many dictatorial regimes in third world countries remain in power thanks to this type of deceptive legislation. It is not that the people elect them to continue to impoverish them, but that they have legalized the way to be able to control the whole country.

Twenty attorneys general sent a letter to the House and the Senate on Wednesday, March 3, seeking to warn of the concerns of this legislation and asserting, “As a matter of election administration policy, it is difficult to imagine a legislative proposal more threatening to election integrity and voter confidence.”