During an event organized by CNN with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday night, Sept. 17, everything was perfectly planned so that during the interview the host and the candidate respected a considerable distance between them. But after saying goodbye to the listeners, when Biden thought the cameras were already off, he walked up to the host, without a mask, and began saying something in his ear. 

It was once again demonstrated that while Democratic leaders and opposition media defend at all costs and promote social distancing and the use of masks, they seem not to care when there are no cameras in front of them.

CNN, a key ally of the Democrats, organized the particular event in which candidate Joe Biden participated, answering live questions from viewers. As a precaution against the CCP Virus, it was decided that viewers could only watch the event from inside their cars and that only 35 vehicles could do so.

“CNN is following all of the local guidelines and restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic,” according to the network, “and everybody attending and working the town hall will have their temperatures taken and will answer screening questions.”

Biden himself said that if he were president, he would impose legislation to force people to wear masks. Asked if he’d use an executive order to enforce the wearing of masks if some governors refuse his request, according to Fox, Biden said, “The question is whether I have the legal authority as president to sign an executive order. We think we do, but can’t guarantee you that yet.” Biden later emphasized that if he had the legal authority to sign an executive order on masks, “I would do it.”

All of this fear that Democrats and their supporters want to impose, forcing people to wear masks, not leave their homes, or if they do stay away from people at all times, this fades when their own leaders don’t respect it or act on it. 

In addition to Biden talking in the ear and without a mask to the CNN host Anderson Cooper, there are other actions by Democratic leaders, such as when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to go to a hair salon in San Francisco to get her hair done, even though local Democratic-imposed ordinances keep the salons closed amid the CCP Virus pandemic, according to Fox News.

In the video, Pelosi can be seen walking around the salon in a black cover and without any face protection.