Former Vice President Joe Biden declared his campaign is “alive” and “coming back” after he finished second to Sen. Bernie Sanders in Nevada Presidential Democratic Caucus 2020.

With 50% precincts reporting, Biden won 19.2% of the votes in the state, a distant to Sanders who received 46.6% and cemented his front-runner status in the primary field. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren fell short of Biden, winning 15.4% and 10.3% of the votes, respectively.

Nevada Presidential Democratic Caucus Results 2020. (AP)

Despite the second place, Biden had better performance after he ranked fourth and fifth in Iowa and New Hampshire, prompting dismal reports even from the left-leaning media.

“Despite what the press said this week, we’re alive, we’re coming back, and we’re gonna win!” Biden told supporters on Saturday, Feb. 22.

“I ain’t a socialist. I ain’t a plutocrat. I’m a Democrat. And I’m proud of it,” Biden said, likely comparing himself to self-declared democratic socialist Sanders and billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

Biden said the Russians will continue to support President Donald Trump and Sanders, who acknowledged on Friday that he was briefed by U.S. intelligence officials about Russian attempts to interfere in the Democratic primary race to help his campaign.

“Let’s give Trump exactly what he doesn’t want,” Biden said. “Let’s give him you and Joe Biden as the nominee.”

The former vice president told his supporters, “We’re gonna win in South Carolina” and “Super Tuesday” on March 3.

In a tweet late Saturday, Biden announced he was headed to South Carolina and called on supporters for donations to keep his momentum going.

According to Politico, Biden will lean into his time as vice president to African American President Barack Obama to campaign in South Carolina, where more than two-thirds of the primary electorate is black.

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