A catastrophic situation presented by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden when he collapsed mentally while speaking to a handful of people in Chester, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 26.

Biden completely lost control of his words and began to babble a series of inconsistencies, which his escorts rushed away and diverted the camera crew from the scene.

“Moments ago, as Biden starts to stumble with a question about court-packing, his staff starts escorting the camera away…”, tweeted the cable television channel TV News HQ.

“This is a total disaster for Joe Biden. That’s why they wanted to keep him in the basement,” responded Internet user @cjtruth half an hour later, alluding to the location in Biden’s home in Delaware where he usually works.

Likewise, another user mentioned the attitude of the media, which refuses to cover the shocking events that are shaking Biden’s campaign, such as the worrying information about his possible corruption, published by the New York Post.

“And like sheep, the ‘journalists’ are leaving in the middle of Biden’s rambling incoherently,” wrote @JumboShrimp787.

Given that all campaign activity had been suspended the day before, with only nine days to go before the big final election date, his advisers seem to have pushed for Biden to do something about it, in the face of criticism. 

So Biden traveled a few dozen miles to the nearby town of Chester, Pennsylvania, where he met with a handful of people and some journalists, only to confirm once again his precarious state of mind, according to The Gateway Pundit. 

“Biden is in much worse shape than we thought,” the media reported.

Faced with the unexpected event, the few people who were with him began to disperse. 

Some people agree that Biden is not mentally fit to lead the country and that he is being used to bring in vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.  

“This is actually quite sad!! They’re using this man to get them over the line then they’ll switch Kamala in!! No way is he fit to be president!!,” considered the user @happydays151.

The user @DavidJFoord also expressed this view. “It’s sadder than that I think soon as he’s won they’ll let all the stuff about his son come flooding out into the mainstream media, so they can move him aside easily.  He’ll be rushed out the door in utter disgrace, having served is purpose.”

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