In an attempt to reach out to the African American community, Joe Biden said in a speech last year that he had been a student at Delaware State University (DSU) one of the HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities). But the institution recently denied the story and said it is not true that the Democratic presidential candidate was a DSU student. 

During his campaign as a presidential candidate, Joe Biden, at an event in South Carolina in October 2019, claimed to have attended Delaware State University, but according to a new report in The Washington Times, the historically black university refuted Biden’s claims.

“I got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State—now, I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware State,” Mr. Biden told the audience, drawing laughter, as shown on video. “They’re my folks.”

Denying Biden’s claim was Delaware State News Service Director Carlos Holmes, who said last Thursday that Biden was never a student at DSU and that his participation in the institute was limited to only two annual commencement speeches.

“Vice President Biden did not attend DSU,” said Holmes in a Thursday email. “However he was the Commencement keynote speaker in 2003 and [2016], and during the former he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree.”

The candidate had already received some allegations last year that he had never attended DSU, but it wasn’t until Holmes’s email that Biden’s falsehood was officially proven.

This is not the first time Biden has faced a conflict over lying or exaggerating his biographical story in order to position himself correctly with a certain sector of the population, seeking to increase his voter base. 

Thirty-three years ago he was involved in a scandal for claiming that he came from a very humble family background and that he was the first in his family’s history to be able to attend college. This was quickly denied, even his great-grandfather attended college at a time when less than 2 percent of college-age men and women in the United States did. Now it’s about 60 percent.

On another occasion he also said his relatives were coal miners. But as The Federalist reported, when the childish lies came to light, they forced him to retract his statements.

According to The Federalist report, Biden’s first run for president in the 1980s was thwarted by dishonest statements about his academic record and plagiarism, including the biography and speeches of British Labour politician Neil Kinnock.