Americans have never been more dissatisfied with the current president, a new poll shows.

The latest Morning Consult poll results show only 48% percent of 15,623 registered U.S. voters approved of Joe Biden’s performance on Aug. 30.

The data also reveals more people disapprove, with 49% of respondents giving their thumbs down. Democrat and Republican supporters’s biggest complaint was the president’s botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, which let the Taliban seize control of Kabul quicker than expected.

This is the first time more voters disapproved of Biden’s performance in the left-leaning poll.

“As voters watch the crisis in Kabul unfold amid the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, their views about President Joe Biden’s job performance have dipped underwater for the first time in Morning Consult polling since he took office in January,” Morning Consult senior reporter Eli Yokley said.

The incumbent’s approval rating fell from 90% to 87% among Democrat voters since fighters seized control of the presidential palace on Aug. 15.

Biden’s approval rating dwindled from 16% to 11% among GOP voters, and 43% to 41% among independent voters. He had 51% approval before the fall of Kabul.

“The political ramifications of a foreign policy issue that emerges more than a year before the midterm elections are impossible to parse but the crisis that has unfolded over the past several days appears to have compounded Biden’s growing problem with independent voters, whose net approval rating for Biden has been either even or underwater in daily tracking since the first week of July,” Yokley said.

Meanwhile, the Democrat’s approval rating was between 44% and 46% according to Rasmussen’s daily Presidential Tracking Poll for the same period. BL understands this is the lowest reported since taking office on Jan. 20.

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