President Joe Biden’s funds raiser, Joe Cotchett, who is also his lifelong friend and who bears much of the responsibility for the Biden administration’s future choices of federal judges, has been accused of child molestation.

According to National File, Cotchett’s ex-wife accused him of physically abusing their daughters and making them feel uncomfortable by walking around naked in front of them.

Meanwhile, SF Weekly reported in 2007 that both Cotchett and his personal attorney have done their best to keep the details of his scandalous divorce out of the public eye, attempting to hide court records in which his ex-wife denounced him.

She accused him of being a “tyrant, one who would push his kids’ faces into their plates, or pull them away from the table by their hair when they didn’t finish their meals.”

She also described him as a foul-mouthed heavy drinker who drank a bottle of wine every night and drove his car with his daughters while under the influence of alcohol.

She further stated that her husband liked to walk around the house naked, even while their daughters were growing up and claimed to be uncomfortable with his nudity. However once she asked him to stop, he responded that he did as he pleased, according to her court statement.

As for his relationship with the newly elected president, Politico Playbook reported that Cotchett was chosen by the Biden administration’s transition team to chair a key committee to recommend federal judges to Biden.

According to Politico, the relationship with Biden goes back 45 years, and as such, Cotchett agreed to help the president work to identify qualified federal judges who will apply for senior status in order to fill those seats.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris’s ex-boyfriend Willie Brown recently testified that Cotchett is dealing with a commission to recommend judges to Biden. Cotchett, is the co-chair of the lawyers’ commission, according to the California Courts Newsroom.

According to National File, the attorney allegedly helped organize a fundraiser worth $1,500 to $10,000 apiece for Joe Biden’s October 2019 presidential campaign in Palo Alto, California.

“I’ve been working my rear end off, trying to get Joe to look at her favorably,” expressed Cotchett, who was described by Politico as a longtime friend of Biden’s and prominent Biden bundler on the West Coast.