Fifty-eight percent of supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said they favor abolishing freedom of speech for those who promote “offensive speech.” The data was analyzed from the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports poll, released Dec. 4.

A video published by One America News Network conducted an analysis of Heartland-Rasmussen polls, focusing directly on Bernie Sanders’s supporters.

Fifty-one percent of people who approve of Democrat Bernie Sanders believe the government should ban so-called offensive speech. Fifty-eight percent say anyone involved in such speech should receive criminal punishment. And 61 percent of Sanders’s supporters said that if anyone is involved in this kind of speech, they should be banned from working in the public sector.

The report echoes the danger that derives from granting such authority to the government in power.

It explains that, in fact, taxpayers are now forced to fund abortion up to the time of birth, even if citizens do not believe that to be morally correct.

It also states that, for example, local authorities with left-wing ideologies confiscate legally owned firearms from law-abiding citizens on the grounds that they do so for the “good” of the community.

It explains that in the field of health, doctors, counselors and therapists are penalized for defending science and agreeing that there are two genders.

Indeed, according to the OAN report, what Sanders’s voters are actually trying to defend is the leftist discourse that considers a different opinion offensive. However, the U.S. First Amendment favors freedom of speech and decrees that anyone can say what they want without restriction.

“If we let the government infringe on our right to freedom of speech sooner or later the government will come after you, the government will prohibit your speech. Sooner or later there will be a government bureaucrat who will consider your opinions offensive and bam! the government will silence you, is that what you want?” added the report.

Who are the speech offenders?

According to a section of the Rasmussen Reports poll, different percentages of all voters surveyed said that those who say or write things that most consider “offensive,” including racist or sexist speech, should be banned from holding public office or punished with jail time.

However, these pro-Democrat voters represent a minority compared to those who favor freedom of speech. In the end, the same report states that 80 percent of Americans believe that giving everyone the right to freedom of speech is more important than making sure no one is offended.