Candace Owens said that the “bottomless” hypocrisy of the left is the reason the United States elected President Donald Trump.

The 29-year-old African-American communicator, analyst, and political activist also said that the Democratic Party has broken the unity of black families in the United States as part of a strategy.

Owens, openly conservative and founder of Blexit, a viral social movement that seeks to awaken the African American population of the United States to the reality of the great damage that Democratic policies have historically done to their community.

She believes that the left is undermining the African American minority with policies of subsidies and aid that do not allow them to get out of poverty and hopelessness.

The “inconvenient truths” section of the Blexit website analyzes the hidden history of how, for decades, the Democratic Party used the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate, terrorize, and murder white and black Republicans trying to defend the civil rights of blacks.

The website also reveals President Lyndon B. Johnson’s sinister motivation to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and tells the secret plan of Planned Parenthood founder Margret Sanger to exterminate blacks through abortion on demand.

Speaking on Fox News’s “Ingraham Angle” program on Nov. 26, Owens, also a leader of the independent organization Turning Point USA, said the left’s goal is for African American children to end up on the street.

“When children are on the street, their idols become cultural icons,” Owens said, adding, “These children may not know who’s in the black [intellectual or political] world, but they sure know Jay Z (…) and all these rappers.”

“We [African Americans] have a problem in America and we need someone who has the courage to admit it if we want to improve,” Owens added.

Referring to Democrat candidate Pete Buttieg’s low African American intention to vote, Candace says:

“Buttieg is weak. That’s why people prefer Donald Trump, because Trump wouldn’t back down not to tell the truth,” Owens said on Laura Ingraham’s show.

Owens, who confesses in her book Blackout that she grew up a leftist, is now one of the most critical and influential voices against the Democratic Party in the African American community.

The Western Journal recently posted an image with several phrases in which the young activist exposes the contradictions in the narrative of the American left about various issues, although she said that people are becoming aware of this:

“To the people who fly private but lecture us about the environment. To the people who live in gated communities but lecture us about building walls. To the people who travel with armed guards & lecture us about guns: Your bottomless hypocrisy is why America chooses [Donald] Trump.”

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