Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is a staunch defender of the country’s integrity in the face of the growing threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and he issued a report outlining his strategy and recommendations for defeating it. 

“The Chinese Communist Party has lied, stolen, and murdered its way to the top. America needs a plan to defeat this new Evil Empire. Here are some of my recommendations,” Cotton tweeted about his report. 

The CCP abused the option granted to it by the United States in the hope that once enriched it would allow the liberation of its people and integrate with the West, but instead it turned against America and is now trying to subjugate the one who helped it.

“Many believed that opening markets and borders would make China rich, and then make it free. So for decades they fed the tiger and made it more powerful,” Cotton said outlining the trajectory of relations with the CCP.

As part of its ploys to outmaneuver the United States, the CCP sent millions of its students to train at U.S. universities, and among them camouflaged spies who stole many technological and military secrets. 

Simultaneously, it forced multinationals that moved into its territory, attracted by cheap labor, to transfer all their hard-earned industrial secrets, to use them for the benefit of the CCP and create dependence on it. 

“China has a virtual monopoly on the mining and processing of rare earths. That means Beijing could ground our planes at almost any time, simply by cutting off access to a few key inputs. It is sad that a great nation finds itself in such a situation,” Cotton noted. 

Bringing its predatory tactics full circle, it has enriched many politicians with whom it has formed a lobby of allies who are now its defenders, and who stand in the way of neutralizing the CCP’s damaging influence. 

In Cotton’s opinion, the most successful policies to protect the United States have been those implemented by former President Donald Trump, after decades of permissiveness and “soft” policies of previous administrations. 

“But President Trump was the exception to this rule, and his administration waged a campaign to harden our defenses against China’s aggressive behavior, and sound diplomatic alarm bells around the world,” he highlighted. 

Cotton recommends that the U.S. government expand the Trump administration’s financial sanctions against Chinese companies that steal intellectual property.

Also, among other measures, he said the United States should boost investment in research and development (R&D) and manufacturing, so that the future of those critical technologies is made in the United States and not in China.

It should also bring back production of critical goods, such as essential drugs, medical supplies, and rare earth elements.

Cotton added, “We need to cut off the flow of money that has fueled China’s rise and corrupted our elites, creating a Chinese lobby that stretches from New York and Washington to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, touching corporate boardrooms and college campuses.”

The CCP is openly the biggest violator of human rights, as evidenced by multiple reports and statements.

Through its persecution of adherents of religious and spiritual disciplines, it condemns them to extinction, or at least underground, by denying them the right to freedom of religion, conscience, and worship, as is the case with the ancient tradition of Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, Muslims, Christians, and others. 

Cotton called attention to the fact that if this was how the CCP repressed its people, it was only a matter of imagining how it would repress foreigners.   

“If that’s what the Chinese Communist Party does to its own people, imagine what it will do to the rest of the world. And while many countries deplore the Party’s tyranny, only one country is in a position to stop it. It is the United States of America. That is our new rendezvous with destiny,” he stressed. 

“Let us put all our efforts into meeting this challenge so that America and the free world will once again prevail,” Cotton concluded. 

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