Melissa Carone who worked during the presidential election at the Detroit Convention Center (TFC) as an IT assistant for Dominion Voting Systems reported that the ballots for the Democratic candidate were counted up to 8 times during the vote count of Nov. 3 and 4.

Another witness to the electoral fraud in the state of Michigan stepped forward on Sunday, Nov. 15, and gave her testimony about the irregularities that occurred during the voting in the city of Detroit.

Carone was hired and trained by the Dominion, which provided the machines to tabulate the votes and the respective software.

Carone’s job was to walk among the vote counters and assist them when Dominion’s machines were having problems, the most typical case being when votes got jammed during the count.

She explained in her interview that the vote counters received stacks of 50 ballots each that they placed in the machine to be scanned. If a ballot got stuck in the machine from this pile her task was to explain to the city employee how to unlock the machine to repeat the operation, but first the employee had to erase the votes already counted until the moment it got stuck, because the pile of votes was placed whole again to be counted—that is the batched that had already been scanned was taken from the top of the scanner and added to the votes that had not been counted and the whole batch was then scanned.

However, Carone reported, employees would not erase the counted votes, they would added them to the uncounted votes and repeat the operation, causing a stack of 50 votes to be counted twice or more.

At the beginning when she noticed the problem she thought it was a genuine mistake. But “the mistake” was repeated throughout the day and as far as she could see, some stacks of 50 ballots were counted up to 8 times more, that is, the 50 votes ended up being 400.

“Did you feel that they tended to lean one way or another in terms of the candidates,” the interviewer asked.

“Oh, absolutely,” Carone replied.

“Would you like to tell us which one?” the interviewer asked.

Carone’s response was certain, “Yeah, Biden, I didn’t see a single, not a single, not one ballot for Trump. The whole time I was there I didn’t see a single one … I was there for 24 hours.”

Carone also witnessed the vans arriving in the early morning but was unable to see what they unloaded at the time. (Please see the other eyewitness account here)

Other important information provided by the witness was that a Dominion employee and a municipal employee (Democrat) were in charge of loading the number of votes into the main system and that they had no supervision whatsoever. All Dominion employees were Biden supporters.

“How many Dominion staff members were there that night,” the interviewer asked.

“There were a total of four,” she said.

“And you know they were for Biden, how?” to which she replied: “Absolutely. They told me.”

Carone alerted Dominion’s boss to this problem, but he only told her that he didn’t want to hear that there were problems and that he would take care of it. But he did nothing. She was told later this man, named Nick, is a co-owner of the company.

Melissa said she is 99% sure that Dominion’s machines were connected to the internet.

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