The memoir Red Roulette by author Shen Dong (Desmond Shum) has shocked the West after exposing a series of dark acts of high-ranking CCP officials. In a recent interview, when talking about the Peng Shuai case, Shen said that because Peng was threatened, she decided to expose her illicit relationship with Zhang Gaoli.

On Dec. 4, U.K.’s Daily Telegraph published an interview with Shen, calling him “one of the highest-ranking defectors in Chinese history.”

Shen’s ex-wife Whitney Duan, is a wealthy businesswoman from mainland China. Shen recounted in the book Red Roulette, the mysterious disappearance of his wife four years ago. At the same time, he revealed the dirty sides of the CCP aristocracy: how they operate, their motivation, and the meaning of victory and defeat in political struggles. The book also details Shen’s plan to build a career in China, to then decided to leave and finally exposed the regime’s corruption to the world.

Shen said that the case of Peng Shuai was similar to the situation that Duan encountered. The tennis star recently went missing after being accused of being “sexually assaulted by former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli.” After facing an international outcry, the Chinese government media released photos and videos of Peng smiling at the camera and saying she was fine.

Shen said that these photos of Peng Shuai were clearly “carefully planned” by Beijing. Also, Peng Shuai’s allegations were deleted shortly after being posted online.

According to Shen, the Peng Shuai case “may be the truth that the CCP is not comfortable with.” He said, “Sexual assault on women—they don’t think it’s a crime.”

He also said, “Party cadres sleeping with girls is a common thing, almost everyone knows.” 

Most women sexually abused stay silent because they know that even protesting is pointless. Shen speculated that it might be because Peng Shuai felt “threatened” that she would “disappear” after arguing with Zhang Gaoli.

Therefore, she made a move first and exposed Zhang’s embarrassing story “to protect herself.” If she wasn’t an international star, “she would have disappeared a long time ago.”

Shen also predicted that Peng Shuai might no longer have freedom of speech or freedom to leave China.

During four years of his ex-wife’s disappearance, Whitney Duan was detained by the CCP; Shen and his 12-year-old son did not know her whereabouts or whether she was alive or already dead. However, two months ago, as he was on the verge of publishing his tell-all book, he received a call from Duan.

During the call, Duan said that she was temporarily “pardoned.” The CCP knew he was about to publish Red Roulette to expose the veil of evil, corruption, and power struggles within the party. She advised him not to publish the book. Otherwise, he would be in danger, possibly even endangering their son’s life.

Shen knew that the CCP was monitoring the call. But when Duan issued that warning, he didn’t know if it was because she was scared or thoroughly brainwashed. Duan said that she had been isolated from the world for four years, had never heard of COVID, nor knew her mother had passed away.

However, Shen still published the book as planned. Then, he received reactions from all over the world. Media from many countries such as Australia, India, and more contacted him. He also briefed the British Foreign Office and discussed going to the U.S. Congress to testify. Reportedly, the book created a wave of heated discussion in Beijing.

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