A new military pact signed between Japan and Australia on Tuesday fed tension between those countries and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP did not hesitate to express its disagreement, with its state-owned media warning about the danger of having signed the pact, taking into account that “China will take some countermeasures.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga signed a new military pact in Tokyo on Tuesday. According to Breitbart, the agreement aims to strengthen their defense relations, especially given the constant threat of abuses from the neighboring CCP.

Australian officials said that they have been working together with Japanese authorities to sign the “historic” pact for six years. Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said Australia’s new military alliance with Japan should not have any “influence” on its relationship with the CCP.

However, in the face of growing trade tension between Australia and Beijing, the new pact was not well received by the CCP.

The Global Times, an official mouthpiece for the CCP, alerted the international community when it published on Tuesday that the U.S. allies are “forcing” the CCP to harden its military relations against the allied countries, threatening possible reactions. 

The CCP was decisive in warning: Australia and Japan “ … will surely pay a corresponding price if China’s national interests are infringed upon and its security is threatened.” They added: “China is unlikely to remain indifferent to United States moves aimed at inciting countries to gang up against China in the long run.”

In response to CCP threats, Australian officials made clear that Australia has no problem sitting down with China and discussing these issues and has even tried repeatedly and through various means, but has had no response from the CCP, according to News.com

The Trump administration has been developing and deepening economic and military relations with China’s neighbors, including Australia and Japan. 

In early October, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during his visit to Japan, met with his counterparts from Australia, India and Japan, and strongly criticized the CCP. The meeting aimed at strengthening a united and organized front against the Asian giant.

According to Reuters, in his first visit to Asia after more than a year, Pompeo requested American allies’ maximum collaboration against the growing regional influence imposed by the CCP.

The development of a united front in the Asian region is advancing and the recently signed Japan-Australia pact puts it in evidence.

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