Mark Paoletta, former assistant White House counsel to President George H.W. Bush has described the attacks on Justice Kavanaugh as “outrageous” but also not “unprecedented.” His comments followed The New York Times (NYT) story that detailed new sexual allegations against Kavanaugh that had to be revised by the newspaper. Exculpatory facts were omitted from the NYT article, especially the fact the so-called victim doesn’t even recall the incident.

With the U.S. Supreme Court building in the background, Supreme Court nominee judge Brett Kavanaugh arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 10, 2018. (AP)

Paoletta said the methods used to discredit Kavanaugh are similar to the tactics used to discredit Justice Thomas in 1991, when former assistant Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment. Many groups strongly opposed Thomas because of his conservative views.

Thomas vehemently denied the accusations, claiming he had been subjected to “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks.” After much debate his position was confirmed, and he is now the most senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

“Unfortunately, I see the new attacks on Kavanaugh–during the confirmation process and after–as rooted in the tactics the Left used during the Clarence Thomas confirmation. They are eerily similar. It shows that this is their weapon of choice.” Paoletta, now working for the Trump administration, exclusively told Fox News.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks at the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis in St. Louis, on May 5, 2017.  (Jeff Roberson/AP Photo, File)

“The 11th-hour allegations against Thomas were totally baseless then and remain baseless to this day,” said Paoletta referencing Anita Hill’s sexual harassment allegations against Thomas. “It is the same thing with Kavanaugh. … It was all a despicable smear attack to take down a nominee. And after Kavanaugh is confirmed, yet another baseless allegation in The New York Times where the alleged victim doesn’t even remember it. Again, echoes of the continuing baseless attacks on Justice Thomas.”
“The Confirmation Chronicles Vol. 2: High-Tech Lynching,” is an upcoming “Fox Nation” documentary, Paoletta along with others that include Orrin Hatch, former Senate Judiciary Committee member, discuss the hearings that continued for more than three months.

University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington on Oct. 11, 1991. Hill testified that she was “embarrassed and humiliated” by unwanted, sexually explicit comments made by Thomas when she worked for him a decade ago.(AP Photo, File)

There are strong similarities between the two judges, said Paoletta. “Thomas, as a black conservative who had been in the crossfire and had never backed down, was an existential threat to the Left. And the Left was going to use any means necessary to stop him. Because of the balance of the court. Kavanaugh was also seen as an existential threat.”

Paoletta sees the need for Conservatives to be aware that today’s Supreme Court confirmations will be under attack. “The lesson for Republicans is to fight even harder for their nominees and not let these horrible allegations take down good people who are willing to serve. President Trump has set a fine example—selecting nominees based on whether they will be an outstanding justice. Thomas has gone on to write nearly 700 opinions, and he is the leader of the originalists on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has been through a terrible ordeal, and we should be thankful he did not withdraw. Now that he is on the Court, I hope Justice Kavanaugh looks to Justice Thomas for inspiration as he begins his long tenure on the court.”

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