A new round of vote counts in the state of Arizona, which the media awarded to Joe Biden on the night of Nov. 3, leaves President Trump less than 17,000 votes behind Biden when there are still about 77,000 more votes to be counted, Breitbart reported.

State election officials announced the results of the latest round of voting Sunday afternoon, Nov. 8, with 8,567 votes for President Trump and 4,491 for Biden.

With these votes, President Trump reduced the gap that initially was 29,861 with Biden to 16,952 when there are still about 70,000 votes to be counted.

At the state level, the percentages remain at 49.5% for Biden and 49.0% for Trump.

Of the remaining votes to be counted, 29,000 are regular votes and 48,000 are provisional votes, those that have an annotation for some anomaly, for example, the person requested the vote by mail but showed up to vote, in which case there is a provisional vote that can be invalidated.

As the results vary whether it is because of votes that were not counted, ‘failures’ in the software of the machines that count the votes, reports of votes that were counted without meeting the legal requirements, or because Republican poll watchers did not have access to the counting process, the biggest obstacle facing President Trump and his team is the mainstream media and Silicon Valley giants who are trying to convince the world that Biden is the new president of the United States, but he is not.

Trump slammed the media:

To counter this huge global propaganda machine, President Trump’s team announced that it will be holding demonstrations in all of these states where election results are being disputed, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

“We all have the same goal in mind, which is using the legal process over the next many days and weeks ahead to make sure that the president is re-elected,” said one of President Trump’s campaign advisers. But “these would be grassroots rallies, not presidential rallies,” they clarified.

The massive and unique support that the American people showed for President Trump at his political rallies was key to making clear that the president won the hearts of Americans with his charisma, his leadership, and his determination to fight for traditional American values such as faith, individual freedom over the tyranny of government, and his tireless struggle to keep communism from taking over the United States.

“I’m so happy. This was the greatest decision that I’ve ever made,” Trump said. “We have done so much good together. We’ve done it together. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

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