An American woman was threatened with a fine if she did not remove a flag with the sign “Trump 2020” flying in the yard of her own home in Prescott Valley, a town in Yavapai County, Arizona.

Tawney Baccellia was intimidated by the town’s inspectors, who said her flag “is against city code,” and that failure to comply with their request would result in a fine of several hundred dollars, according to Fox10.

“It was shocking that someone would try to tell me what I can and can’t fly in my own yard,” Baccellia told Fox10.

Baccellia installed the pro-Trump flag under a variant of the U.S. flag on the same flagpole.

Thus, the inspectors found that she was breaking the law in two ways.

According to their concept, a political flag can only be flown between 60 days before and 30 days after a campaign; furthermore, no flag can be flown under the U.S. flag.

This threat from the inspectors opened a debate about local government interference, trying to crush individual rights in a way that seemed unlimited, according to journalist Gardner Goldsmith on MRCTV.

According to Goldsmith, the officials who threatened Baccellia “saw her aggressive attacks on the lives, property, or fundamental rights of others,” by raising her flags, an act which for her is simply the exercise of her right to free expression.

“I think too many men and women died fighting for our freedom of expression,” Baccellia said.

Goldsmith said it was ironic that Mayor Kell Paguta, agreed with the woman’s right to raise her flags, but that the inspectors attacked her for the same reason.

“She’s demonstrating her First Amendment right. She has every right to, and who are we to tell her, ‘No’?” Paguta said of the case.

Anyway, it’s clear to Baccellia that she will leave her flags where she set them.

She is proud of her president and explained that the variant of the American flag that flies over the pro-Trump flag is a “Thin Blue Line” flag honoring the police.

The flag called “Thin Blue Line” basically means that the police stand as a thin line protecting society from evil and chaos. By extension, it demonstrates mutual support in a difficult job.