A mayor in Arizona told Tomi Lahren from Fox Nation that he is “left to deal with the consequences” of the Biden administration’s immigration policies and that the situation at the border is a “crisis.”

Tomi Lahren of Fox Nation’s “No Interruption With Tomi Lahren” has recently visited a section of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, interviewing mayors and ranchers about the ongoing border crisis, according to Fox News.

During her visit, Gila Bend Mayor Chris Riggs told Lahren that President Joe Biden’s border policies—which reversed some of Trump’s immigration policies, such as building the wall and having asylum seekers remain in Mexico while waiting for cases to be heard—have left him grappling with the consequences.

“I don’t want to play politics, but this is a crisis—pure and simple,” Chris Riggs,  the mayor of a city located about 75 miles north of the U.S.- Mexico border, told Lahren and added that he is trying his best to deal with the crisis. He also stated that migrants he met with told him “they felt they were invited” to come to the U.S. under Biden’s policy.

Indeed, Biden border policy has resulted in a record influx of refugees, including unaccompanied minors, straining capacity at immigration facilities in recent weeks.

Mayor Riggs told Lahren that cartels have been “running a lot of drugs in through here right now,”  taking full advantage of the new administration border policy. 

“I’ve never had drops here before,” he told Lahren. “Never during the Trump Administration, never even during the Obama-Biden administration. I never had drops here.”

Now he’s seeing “Border Patrol bring people here and drop them off.”  He said that the next town is 30 miles away through open desert, and if “you’re going to walk people across that desert in 120 degrees, you’re going to find a lot of bodies.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to share her experiences at the border, Lahren stressed that the combination of many factors, including migrants, feeling “like they’ve been invited,” the suspension in border wall construction—which she noted has left five-mile gaps—and the Biden administration dropping the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), has created “the perfect storm for a whole lot of problems at the border.”

As part of the Biden administration’s effort to wind down the Trump-era MMP, starting in February, the U.S. began accepting migrants waiting in Mexico for their immigration cases to be processed.

Lahren told Earhardt that ranchers she met within Arizona had their land set on fire and “fences cut on a daily basis.”

She said that Border Patrol agents had been “overworked” due to the migrant boom, so that they aren’t able to assist ranchers with their problems.

Lahren said that the Border Patrol’s resources are limited, and now ranchers are worried because there is a halt in the border wall, which used to do a lot of the work before. They thought that maybe that would solve some of these problems,  but now many wall segments are left completely exposed.

“They shouldn’t have to be dealing with this. The Biden administration needs to answer for this. These are people’s livelihoods”, Lahren asserted.

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