The police of Seattle reported that after some officers were attacked by a subject armed with a knife, they defended themselves following established protocols, as shown by body cameras, resulting in the death of the attacker.

This fact was used by members of the violent Marxist group antifa to call on social networks for a march, during which they broke windows of businesses, reported the alternative media The Post Millennial of Feb. 17. 

They also assaulted several journalists with pepper spray who were covering the riots and others who were also recording the events, in addition to throwing projectiles over the police station’s fence. 

“Antifa just assaulted a group trying to leave the ‘peaceful protest’ with mace,” tweeted The Post Millennial’s Katie Daviscourt. 

They were also trying to frighten the victims to prevent arrest by insulting and threatening, “If you get me arrested, I will kill you and your whole family,” The Gateway Pundit quoted

Writer Tayler Hansen tweeted a short video showing some vandalism caused by the perpetrators. 

Detailing the events leading to the death of the man who was allegedly attempting suicide, the report adds more. 

Police officers had gone to the city’s harbor to attend to the subject, but he turned on them and attacked them with the knife he was carrying, precipitating a shootout in which he was critically wounded.

“SPD responded to a call from the Port of Seattle Police Department about a subject in crisis,” the police statement reported. 

Port of Seattle officers described the subject as a white male wearing a black coat and black pants, holding a knife to his throat.

Antifa has a long history of violent intervention in riots that it promotes with some frequency, the most recent being the forced entry into the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) posted a series of tweets on Jan. 7 reporting growing evidence that the group considered fascist was behind the Jan. 6 attack during the joint session of Congress. 

“Please, don’t be like #FakeNewsMedia, don’t rush to judgment on assault on Capitol. Wait for investigation. All may not be (and likely is not) what appears. Evidence growing that fascist ANTIFA orchestrated Capitol attack with clever mob control tactics,” Brooks warned in one of his posts.

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