Gabriel Nadales, a former member of antifa, is targeting Democratic candidate Joe Biden for his attitude toward violence. Although on some occasions Biden has expressed his repudiation, it seems that he has done so out of an attitude of convenience before the media but not with the intention of truly stopping the attacks. Otherwise, the first thing that should be done is to publicly expose, denounce, and condemn the group.

After spending nearly two years as an antifa activist in 2011 and 2012, Nadales,  in a dialogue with Fox News said he was surprised at how the group has gained prominence in the last four years and feared that without condemnation from political leaders on “both sides of the aisle,” the group would continue to grow.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has in recent weeks, using a speech of dubious wisdom, called for the unity of Americans to supposedly end the violence that has reigned in the streets the last few months. 

However, his political opponents consider Biden’s words to be really light and never going to have any effect, because his interests and political partners have no real intention of identifying and condemning the problem of violence.

Following the Million MAGA March in Washington, on Saturday night, Nov. 14, dozens of leftist activists, identified as Black Lives Matter and antifa, harassed and violently attacked President Trump’s supporters, resulting in several violent clashes and more than 20 arrests.  

Nadales said, “For the last couple of weeks, Joe Biden has been calling for unity among Americans but you know where he could really start? He could start by condemning the violence perpetrated against President Trump’s supporters.”

“If Joe Biden really wants unity among Republicans and Democrats, he needs to stand strong with the American people and call antifa out by name. But he’s probably not going to do that because he’s been on record already saying that it’s just an idea and he doesn’t want to admit that he lied,” Nadales continued.

Biden’s spokesman, Andrew Bates, said on Monday in response to the attacks on Trump supporters, “Biden continues to denounce all acts of violence,” but again failed to name and condemn the perpetrators of the events, antifa.

Author of the book “Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Anti-Fa Activist,” Gabriel Nadales, in an interview with The Blaze, explains that while he was growing up in the United States, the media, especially in Spanish, and school were the two main sources of anti-American propaganda that led him to join the forces of the radical leftist group.

“Many of the narratives in the Spanish-language media are uniquely aimed at making Hispanics feel marginalized and making them appear Hispanic against the United States,” Nadales said.

The former antifa member said that during his school years, both in middle and high school, he had many radical leftist teachers who basically imposed their ideals on young people, generating a collective feeling of hate toward the United States.

“When you are bombarded with so many anti-American beliefs and feelings, it is easy for someone growing up in this country to learn to hate America,” Nadales said.

Despite so much evidence, current Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden downplays antifa’s role, saying the group “is an idea, not an organization.”

Nadales, who knows the group from its own core, warns of the danger involved in its advance and assures, “The first step in stopping antifa is to recognize that it is a threat. But, unfortunately, people like Joe Biden don’t even want to admit that antifa exists.”

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