Amid scandals over election fraud in Georgia, “Republican” Gov. Brian Kemp appeared in a video dated Dec. 6 with the Chinese Communist flag behind him begging the Chinese to invest in his state.

On Dec. 3, an explosive video emerged from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta where several employees are seen moving bags of ballots to be counted after sending Republican poll watchers home, completely exposing the malicious level of voter fraud by Georgia Democrats.

Meanwhile, President Trump repeatedly asked both the secretary of state and the governor for a recount with a signature audit on the mail-in ballots, which is the only way to verify the legality of the votes. His request was rejected and three recounts were conducted without auditing the signature, which of course did not result in any change in the final results.

In addition, it became known that the excuse to stop the vote count on the night of Nov. 3, the same pretext they used to send home the Republican poll watchers, the alleged ruptured pipe, was false and those responsible for the pipes explained that there was no danger.

In spite of all this scandal for which Gov. Brian Kemp is responsible, he still decided to appear in a video begging for Chinese investments, knowing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in the middle of a trade war with the United States thanks to President Trump’s decision to put an end to the years of looting by CCP.

We the People’s lawyer Lin Wood shot down Kemp immediately in a tweet.

User Code Monkey, posted a tweet with the following compromising information about Kemp.

President Trump also noticed his suspicious attitude and tweeted to Kemp.

Should all the patriots take to the streets and call for transparency in elections that were stolen by the Democrats, these individuals in positions of power, seem to have no fear of becoming involved in the biggest scandal of American corruption that will not only decide the future of the country but perhaps the rest of the world as well.

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