White House officials have declared that Americans have lost faith in Washington.

Meanwhile, a new poll conducted by CBS News found that an overwhelming majority of Americans feel that the economy is in good shape and are giving President Trump credit for the strong numbers.

A statement released by the Trump administration declared that since Nancy Pelosi has taken over as Speaker of the House—her second time—Americans have gotten “another close look at what career politicians do best: anything but solve real problems.”

It said the Democrats excused that inaction by focusing on attacking President Donald Trump every day, for a crime he did not commit, referring to the Mueller Report.

The Mueller Report was the outcome of a two-year investigation on whether the president or his campaign organization were colluding with Russians during his 2016 campaign, or obstructing justice regarding collusion with Russians.

Although the report cost taxpayers $35 million, it can be said the greater crime was on how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation obstructed the president and his administration from doing their work without interruptions or interference.

However, the investigation resulted in the indictment, conviction, or guilty pleas from 34 people and three companies, including Russian spies and hackers with ties to the Kremlin.

Regardless, Mueller did not charge or suggest that President Trump and his campaign worked with Russians to influence the election.

The president’s booming economy

CBS News released poll results on May 22 showing that 71 percent of Americans “say the economy is in good shape, including a quarter who say it is very good.”

An impressive 94 percent of Republicans agreed that the economy is in good shape, as well as a majority of Democrats (60 percent) and independents (66 percent).

“Americans are giving Trump more and more credit, with 41 percent saying that ‘Trump’s policies are mostly responsible’ for the booming economy, which is up 9 points from the beginning of 2018,” the report states.

Distraction tactic

“Democrats have a new obstruction strategy: weaponize the subpoena powers of Congress to fish for political ammunition to use against the Trump administration,” according to the White House.

The administration calls it a cynical ploy, and a dangerous precedent, making for good TV drama. “So while President Trump asks Congressional Democrats to set politics aside and work with him on infrastructure, immigration, stronger trade deals, and more, Democrat leaders know they can keep the media focused on political theater, not policy.”

Therein lies the short-term distraction tactic that the White House declares has pushed Americans to lose their faith in Congress. The statement also suggests that mainstream media are used by the president’s opponents and plays favorites, while accomplishments of those not favored by mainstream media go unreported.

White House officials say, in 2016, Americans’ confidence in mass media hit its lowest level in history.

Furthermore, the results from a Gallup poll show that a whopping 77 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job.

And between 1958 and 2015, public trust in Washington plunged from 73 to 18 percent.

The Trump administration extends the offer to Democrats to “put aside the stunts and work with President Trump on areas of bipartisan agreement.”

“What Democrats choose to do next will shape Americans’ faith in Washington for a generation.”

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