A new Gallup poll on Tuesday delivered good news for President Donald Trump as his approval rating on the economy and other issues has reached a new high.

According to Gallup, the poll showed that a majority of Americans approve of the economy and unemployment situation.

Gallup reported: “President Donald Trump’s rating for handling the economy, 56 percent, is the highest of his presidency and the highest of his approval ratings on any of 14 domestic and foreign issues tested in the latest Gallup poll. Americans’ approval of his handling of unemployment is nearly as high, at 54 percent.”

Meanwhile, a Washington Examiner headline read “Boom: Best economic optimism in 16 years, 50% ‘better off’ under Trump.” It said:

“Public optimism in their personal economy has hit a 16-year high under President Trump, according to a new survey. Some 69 percent told Gallup that they expect their personal finances to be even better next year, just shy of the record 71 percent when the internet boom was raging under former President Bill Clinton. What’s more, the survey company said that 50 percent believe they are ‘better off’ than just a year ago when the current economic surge was kicking in and when the White House coined the phrase ‘MAGAnomics.’”

Americans’ assessments of the national economy have been mostly positive since President Trump took office. With the unemployment rate at 4% in January and the stock market performing better than it had been in December and January, Americans’ approval of Trump’s handling of the economy rose four points since early February, according to Gallup.

Fox News also reported: ““The US economy grew at a 3.1 percent rate from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the fourth quarter of 2018, one measure of annual growth, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That is the first time in 13 years that it’s been over 3 percent, the White House notes. The administration attributes the gains to tax cuts, deregulation and other pro-growth policies.”

The Wall Street Journal talked about “The hottest job market in half a century”. It reported:

“The job market doesn’t get much better than this. The U.S. economy has added jobs for 100 consecutive months. Unemployment recently touched its lowest level in 49 years. Workers are so scarce that, in many parts of the country, low-skill jobs are being handed out to pretty much anyone willing to take them—and high-skilled workers are in even shorter supply. All sorts of people who have previously had trouble landing a job are now finding work. Racial minorities, those with less education and people working in the lowest-paying jobs are getting bigger pay raises and, in many cases, experiencing the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for their groups.”

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